Playground Rules

Let's make The Bike Playground a happy place! Only positive vibes allowed!

• The Bike Playground is for everyone - share the track!

• Always wear your helmet. Protective gears are also recommended.

• Ride within your limits!

• Bikes only! Motorized vehicles are not allowed on all tracks.

• Keep The Bike Playground clean.

• Use rented equipment with respect so others may enjoy it too!

• Riders under the influence of alcohol and drugs are not allowed inside the premises.

• The management reserves the right to refuse a biker with rude behavior or pose a threat to the staff and other guests.



  1. Do not attempt anything beyond your ability. Seek the help of instructors.
  2. When a lot of riders are in session:
    • The only way inside the pump park is through the stairs at the back. Strictly no entering at from the sides.
    • The pump park is one way and in counter clockwise direction
    • Always be aware of your fellow riders, give way and learn tolerance.
    • Strictly no entering at from the sides. A few rounds on the pump park is already tiresome! Take turns on riding and resting.the only way inside the pump park is through the stairs at the back.
    • It's not a good idea to try some tricks. Wait for most of them to stop and signal you are attempting some moves. We'll even cheer for you!
  3. When children want to try the pump track, spare a minute or so for them.
  4. Strictly not allowed inside the pump park are: food and drinks, smoking, motorized toys and equipment (RC cars, electric scooters, motorized scooters and the likes), brakeless bikes except push bikes, bar ends, pegs/step knot, pets), cleats sticking out of shoes that may damage the asphalt.

The Bike Playground emphasizes tolerance and sense of community among bikers, skateboarders, and scooters. Everybody is allowed at the same time provided that each user knows how to give way and take turns in session. To be more organized there is a specific time that there is priority use for skateboards and scooters (Schedule in the RATES section).

When the pump track is not in use by the specific users on their scheduled times, bikers are still welcome to use the facility. At the same time, when there is no one in session outside the priority time for skateboards and scooters, bikers are also welcome. To manage expectation, we encourage all users to be aware of the schedules that prioritize skateboards and scooters.