Dartmoor Pump Rock

It was an exciting competition as riders battle it out for their best times in the Dartmoor Pump Rock - Pump Track Competition.

Excitement grew as Jerich Farr sets the the first sub 50sec time at 49.89sec but was beaten by the concluded best time set on the first heat at 49.25sec by Bans Mendoza!

It was a nerve-racking 2nd heat for the Men Open as Farr beat the current best time lowering it further to 49.11sec at an average of 16sec per run. Meanwhile, youngest Men Open rider Kimi Grande went in to surprise everyone with a run that can beat the current best time but settled for a total run of 49.52sec.

All eyes on Bans Mendoza who is safe for the second spot but is not willing to let the dust settle yet. After 3 laps it was a roaring crowd happily cheering for a new record of 48.51sec giving the crown for the day to Mendoza!

Winners of the BMX Open are Nino Martin Eday who was gunning it down both for the MTB and BMX Categories and clinched the BMX Open with a time of 49.87sec. Followed by Oscar Acdol 50.642sec and Ismael Cacapit at 54.135sec.

All winners received a Dartmoor 26Player frame. The night was full of raffle prizes and give aways from Dartmoor, All Mountain Style, Staton, Peaty's, Dianese, Uvex, Melon Optics, and Klinchwear.

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